The project concerns the Olympic Rowing – Canoeing – Kayak Centre located in Schinias, Attiki. It was built to host the rowing and canoe sprint events at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece. It is a part of Schinias national park and it covers 1.24 km2. The centre is one of only three FISA-approved training centers in the world and it hosts domestic rowing and canoeing meetings.


LOCATION: Schinias, Attiki


• Water supply and waste water disposal networks for surrounding area
• Ground watering irrigation network for surrounding area
• Fire extinguishing network for surrounding areas
• Water supply and waste water disposal networks for all building complexes
• Air conditioning with water – water heat pump , with a total cooling capacity of 300,0 RT
• Ducts
• Air conditioning of boathouses
• Water supply pump station
• Fire extinguishing system pump station
• Watering system pump station
• Sewage pump station