CITYRINGEN is the new Metro line in Copenhagen and will be a cutting edge and fully automated underground railway ring of 16.5 km, that will cross downtown the city. The line will comprise of 2 single line tunnels, 15km each, 17 underground stations with platforms, 4 junction installations, 4 shaft installations and ventilation and the control and maintenance center. HMeng produced the Detail Design of the MEP installations.

COMMENCEMENT - COMPLETION: 2012 - The project is under construction.


LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark

BUDGET: 1.300.000.000 EU

• Drainage & water supply
• Hydrants Fire fighting and water mist system
• Lifts &escalators
• HVAC design
• Tunnel ventilation system
• Stairwell pressurization system
• Stations smoke ventilation system
• Tunnel flood Gates system
• Tunnel &station lighting design
• Low voltage power supply (400V) system
• Station equipotential bonding
• SCADA of stations and shafts
• Fire alarm system
• Tunnel and stations Corrosion Monitoring System